Collaborative Business

Post Date:  22 October 2014
Author:  Devendra V. Katuke

LEGACY ERP and General Ledger is getting out of fashion. They worked within closed walls. Didn't talk with another ERPs.

They had been Heroes of their times, but now they are old. Sure, they tried to change with times, adopted Internet, Email, Bar Code, Business Intelligence, BUT..

The basic Architecture has not changed with time. Since 1980, it is 100% same across all ERP systems of All Vendors, be them Big or Small. The same employees shift their jobs between SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and Hundreds more. The knowledge is same, highly distilled and refined. One refinement in one ERP Product, percolates through another ERPs into their next Versions.

For ignorants, this may means Stability, Proven model of Concept, BUT...

    The Technology of doing Business has changed in these years. People expect more.
  1. ERPs should COLLABORATE actively and automatically. Microsoft-GP of Business A should COLLABORATE with SAP-One of Business B. No Mapping/Messaging Middleware (TIBCO, BizTalk), and Specialists should sit in between.
  2. ERP Modules (especially HR and Finance) should be Transparent to all Other ERP Modules (including HR and Finance themselves). So do you think, they talk with each others? It is year 2014, and still these Modules are seperate islands of information. NO TRANSPARENCY between ERP MODULES is there in year 2014, let alone out-side!
  3. These so-called 'MODERN' ERPs 'COMPLY', not 'IMPLEMENT' various Standards. One of them, notably is IFRS.

Business Automation and REA framework are coming in fashion. VAANIK. It is new, young and capable Business Tool for the new World. But there is more to it.



 from  KATUKE


32/64 bit


Pie 9.0 onward

Operational Scalability

Only Software in the World, that can be used by a Housewife, Youngester or a Global Business with Thousands of Operational Centers.

Sounds unbelievable? We have delivered it. This Software can scale up and down, synchronizing with any Individual's Career, changing Businesses, changing Business needs.


Functional Scalability

Personal Finance, Asset Management, Locations and Departments, Profit Centers, Inventory, Before and After Sales Services and Marketing, Logistics, Contract Work, Salaried Job; everything is here.

And it is well organized.

A user intuitively knows and manages the Business Organization.


Intuitive and Simple

The Software guides you.

It is much similar to a Video Game, that even a child steers to a Win.

Who wants to take a Course learning Accounts, Finance and Taxation, if it is INTUITIVE?

We gave you Simplicity, because we worked hard for it. After-all, not everybody in this World is an Accountant or Management Graduate or a Space Scientist.


Free from Baggage

We shed off 400 year old Traditional Accounting Framework.

General Ledger, Credit/Debit, Voucher Posting, Trial Balance are all gone.

We implemented a newer REA(Resource, Event, Agent) Accounting framework, based on Computational Business Model, which responds to changes in ways of doing Business.

Probably we are the FIRST in the World to do this.


Not just Repackaging into IFRS

We Implemented IFRS Accounting Standard, but crossed the line by VALIDATING it.

Our Software doesn't allow fraudful cycles of Circular Trade, Asset Appreciation/Depreciation


Centralized and Collaborative

Just like Social Media Platforms, it is a Collaborative B2B-C eCommerce Software.

You locate a Vendor by product or vicinity. You tweak into his Stock. You place an order and choose Logistics partner. You track your order.

Did we say Centralized? We will provide Blockchain based Federated Software, once it becomes economical and fast in real-time.



Glitches in Payment and Logistic aggregation? Synoptic Interfaces? Sensors and Trackers?

We are, for now, restricted and limited by Resources.

But things will change.

The promoter of this Software has been an Industrial Automation Engineer. We have vision of the things coming, and their impact on Business.